HTML class Attribute

The HTML class attribute is used to specify a class for an HTML element.

Multiple HTML elements can share the same class.

Using The class Attribute

The class attribute is often used to point to a class name in a style sheet. It can also be used by a JavaScript to access and manipulate elements with the specific class name.

In the following example we have three <div> elements with a class attribute with the value of “city”. All of the three <div> elements will be styled equally according to the .city style definition in the head section:


Tip: The class attribute can be used on any HTML element.
Note: The class name is case sensitive!

Multiple Classes

HTML elements can belong to more than one class.

To define multiple classes, separate the class names with a space, e.g. <div class=”city main”>. The element will be styled according to all the classes specified.

In the following example, the first <h2> element belongs to both the city class and also to the main class, and will get the CSS styles from both of the classes: 


Different Elements Can Share Same Class

Different HTML elements can point to the same class name.

In the following example, both <h2> and <p> points to the “city” class and will share the same style:


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