Deploy to the world of Digital Ocean

step 1: open command prompt

step 2: ssh root@

step 3: enter the password or ssh key (note: the password will not be visible

now you are logged in

step 4 : update your system “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

step 5: apt-get install git node.js

step 6: apt-get nginx -y

step 7: apt-get pm2 -g (we need to install this globally)

step 8: pm2 start <process Name> to run the project live we need to start pm2 server

step 9: your Website is live

linux usefull command

  • ls => to list all the folder’s present
  • ls -a => to list all the hidden files included
  • cd ../ => to go back one directory
  • cd <file_Name> => change directory which you want to go in
  • rm <file_Name> => remove file

step 5: git usefull command

  • git clone <git repo link which has to be cloned> => repository which we want to deploy
  • git pull => to fetch the data to the latest.
  • npm i => to install node modules.
  • npm run build => to create a build.